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"Individuality is what makes people special – and we’re all about finding special people. " 

James Rogers, Group Managing Director ​​

Wollen Sie sehen, wie ein Tag im Leben eines unserer Kollegen aussieht?


Initially, recruitment wasn’t on Tom’s radar career-wise. In fact, he had joined the army, where he excelled in classes and applied to be an officer. “I broke my foot during a training exercise, and after nine months of recovery, it became apparent I’d sustained lasting damage.”

He knew he would have to move on, and found a fresh start in recruitment. “Being stuck in an office wasn’t what I wanted, so it was important I chose a company that not only allowed me to travel, but encouraged it commercially. I’ll say this – OJ is the antithesis of your average desk job!

Tom Hughes, Managing Consultant, London

"I’ve always gone full pelt at whatever I’ve done. I left Loughborough University with a BSc in Geography and a Master’s in Business; I travelled the world for years, and I played professional rugby internationally, and I tackled recruitment the same way.” David worked in management consultancy prior to joining Oliver James, and, despite having no hands-on recruitment experience, impressed Oliver James with his tenacity. Fast-forward to January 2016, and David took a leap of faith, moving halfway across the world to help steer OJ’s newest office in New York City. “It’s the city that never sleeps, so there’s always something new to do – and who better to do it with than industry heavyweights, Oliver James?"  

David Shotton, Managing Consultant, New York

After a unique journey to Oliver James’ door, Anna Davies is  without  doubt  one of our most successful recruiters. She joined us in July 2014 with a diverse employment  history,  and a level of natural sales ability that saw her progress quickly in the business. ‘I’ve done a bit of everything – from selling conservatories to working in a salt mine! I even set-up a coffee shop while I was  travelling  in Australia, which was probably the first time my entrepreneurial side really came to light.’ Today, Anna is a Managing Consultant, responsible for the day-to-day management of the Actuarial and Data & Analytics desks. “I’ve always been attracted to places that have offered me captivating opportunities. So far nowhere has come close to Oliver James.”

Anna Davies, Managing Consultant, New York

At 21, Ben came to Oliver James with a degree in Geography and Geology, and some basic direct sales experience. He wasn’t to know his journey would be one of the company’s most successful, leading to five desks under his watch and three consecutive awards for the ‘Year’s Highest Billing Consultant’, as well as him breaking the company’s 12-month billing record of £1.07 million – a feat he achieved in 2016. “I like to help the people in my teams, supporting them through each stage of the recruitment process so they can become repeat billers.” Culturally, Ben views Oliver James as “work hard play hard, while still being caring. You get all the help you need because the management wants to ensure everyone has the resources to thrive.”

Ben Moses, Director, Manchester

Sarah joined Oliver James Associates Manchester in 2012. She was previously on the Marks & Spencer graduate scheme, managing a team of 35 in-store. Why recruitment? “I actually ran into an old friend, who introduced me to Jimmy, Group Managing Director of Oliver James. It was then that I felt inspired to switch career paths and apply for a recruitment position. I’ve never looked back; the opportunities here have been truly incredible. When you hit the targets, see your name on the leader board and experience the financial rewards, it’s amazing.” 

Sarah Robins, Principal Consultant, Manchester

Victoria joined Oliver James in 2004 from S3 Group, a global recruitment agency that was also home to none other than Oliver James co-founder and Group Managing Director, James Rogers. There, Victoria was a top biller for the Progressive brand, recruiting in the IT industry. Today, Victoria heads up a small desk that places KPMG and Deloitte’s most senior positions, a role exclusive to her. “I understand these companies implicitly, recruiting executive level candidates with the aid of decision makers I’ve known for years.” She intends to spend at least the next five years at Oliver James. “One of the things I love most about my job is the relationships I get to build. Over the last couple of years, I’ve really enjoyed training and developing the other consultants. Anybody who’s thinking of applying to Oliver James, don’t hesitate. Be prepared to work hard, with the promise of exceptional remuneration for your efforts.”

Victoria Heathcoate, Associate Director, London

Unsere Auszeichnungen

Unsere internationale Expertise zeigt sich am deutlichsten durch unsere Erfolge bei einer Vielzahl von Wettbewerben. Wir brennen für das, was wir tun und die Anerkennung durch diese prestigeträchtigen Auszeichnungen bezeugt unsere Professionalität, Leistungsbereitschaft, Wissen und Exzellenz in der Durchführung.

Unsere Kunden

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Unsere Geschichte

OJ ist seit 2002 im Einsatz. Untenstehend finden Sie einige unserer größten Erfolge und Meilensteine von der Vergangenheit bis zur Gegenwart.

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Prämien, Wohlbefinden & Mitarbeitervorteile

Unser wichtigstes Kapital sind unsere Mitarbeiter, weshalb wir Wert darauf legen, dass sie gut behandelt werden. Eine Karriere bei OJ bedeutet Zugang zu konkurrenzlos guten Mitarbeitervorteilen, die jeden Aspekt Ihres Lebens, Ihrer Karriere und Ihrer Gesundheit in Betracht ziehen.

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Ein ​typischer Tag

Unsere preisgekrönte Lern- und Entwicklungsfunktion.

Entdecken Sie einen Ort, wo Ihr Vorankommen ernst genommen wird. OJ hat eines der besten Trainingsprogramme auf dem Markt und stellt damit sicher, dass Sie auf Ihrer Reise mit uns jede mögliche Erfahrung machen können. Der Drang nach persönlicher Entwicklung ist in unserem Unternehmen so groß, dass jeder, bis hin zum Vorstand, Zugang zu einem Lern- und Entwicklungsprogramm erhält, dass seinen Zielen und Karriereplänen entspricht.

Diese Kultur der Aufstiegsmobilität hat seit 2016 zur Beförderung von 92 Mitarbeitern geführt, davon 46% auf die Manager-, stellvertretende Direktoren und Direktorenebene, die dann die Eröffnung neuer Büros in den USA, in Singapur und in Mailand ermöglicht haben.


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